About pYsearch

pYsearch is a set of Python APIs, that makes it easy and convenient to write Y! search applications. It adheres strictly to the XML schemas published by http://developer.yahoo.com/. We try to implement everything that Y! search supports, if anything is missing, please file a bug / RFE.

About the author

The author and maintainer of pYsearch is Leif Hedstrom <leif@ogre.com>. He's worked in the computer software industry since 1990, at places like ETH Zurich (Professor Wirth is his hero), Infoseek Corporation (RIP), Netscape (and AOL...), and for over 5 years now, Yahoo!. There he is currently working on the design and implementation details of their Edge Services.

His area of expertise includes high performance web software (backend/server stuff primarily), various network protocols (LDAP, HTTP, DNS etc.), and proxy technologies. He has also spent time in several other areas, like security, Web browser development (at Mozilla), and anti-spam systems (he developed several very effective anti-spam systems for Y! Mail). Leif considers himself sort of a jack of all trades, and he really like new, interesting challenges.

For more of his ramblings, visit his web site at http://www.ogre.com.