pYsearch 2.0 released

It's been a while, but I finally got all the bits together, and finished pYsearch v2.0. This is a pretty significant rewrite, I decided to refactor the modules to better cope with the ever expanding arsenal of search APIs. This should make it easier to use, easier to maintain, and probably slightly faster to load (unless you use the factory classes).

From the release notes:

10/27/05 pYsearch v2.0

  • Added support for MyWeb2, Audio and Site Explorer.
  • Major refactoring of all classes/modules.
  • Updated with all changes to Search APIs, parameters etc.
  • Improved documentation and examples.
  • Plenty of bugfixes.... I mean, improvements.

Please report any bugs, problems, feature requests etc. on the message boards and bug tracker. I'll most likely end up doing a point release fairly soon, depending on how many bugs etc. are discovered.

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"Installation is simple, assuming you have Python v2.2 or later, simply do:

$ python build
$ python install"

What is meant by "simply do....", what is the exact procedure? Not worked with .py before, so will need to see, do these files sit in the cgi-bin?

Re: Installation

Well, it means to run those two exact commands. :) Possibly you need to be root to do the "install", or it might not have permissions to add the files to your default Python installation.

The files does not go in "cgi-bin" or anything like that, they should go into either your standard Python library directory, or to some custom library that you later have your Python search for.