pYsearch v3.1 release

pYsearch v3.1 is just released, and now available for download. This is a tiny update, to fix a problem with the old AppID parsing logic (it's now disabled, and not enforced). At the same time, we decided to remove the support for My Web searches, since they are no longer available.


-- Leif

From the release notes:

[09/11/07] pYsearch v3.1

  • Removed checks for appID format.
  • Removed all MyWeb v1 and v2 features.

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Fedora RPMs for pYsearch

Hi I've built Fedora RPMs for pYsearch, you can get them here:


Please feel free to host these on the pYsearch download page. I don't have time to upstream these to Fedora. If anyone else does then please go ahead.

Re: Fedora RPMs for pYsearch

Great! If you don't mind, I'd like to include the .spec file in the source tree, and then I'll make RPMs for each new release (I'm thinking for FC8/9 and RHEL4/5, all of which I have access to).

How would we move along to get this incorporated into Fedora Extras?

Also, if anyone else has a debian package file, that'd be swell.

Re: Fedora RPMs for pYsearch

I've made an RPM for FC8, FC9, RHEL4 and RHEL5 available on the SF download site. I've only tested it running the regression tests through it, but seems good. Please report any problems in the bug tracker.


-- leif