Current issues with the APIs

I've got a few reports on issues with pYsearch, and there are currently two known issues, both which are because of the search APIs.

  • Some search responses, particularly from Spelling Suggestions, can include "raw" ampersand characters (&). This is not valid XML (the ampersand should be using a character entity representation), so our DOM parser croaks. I've had a bug outstanding with Y! search on this for a long time now.
  • The Audio search regresion test fails, because some searches can return a "length" of 0.0 seconds, when the documentation clearly says it'll always return an integer. I have a bug outstanding on this as well.

As it turns out, our unit tests have found several problems with the APIs in the past, and it continues to do so. However, I hope to make the test suite even more complete, if anyone wish to contribute here, that'd be great.