Various distro packages available

I've placed a number of distro packages (RPM's, .deb's etc) on the Currently available are

  • Fedora Core 8
  • Fedora Core 9
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux 4 (RHEL4)
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux 5 (RHEL5)
  • Ubuntu8 (which might work on other debian type systems)
  • OpenSolaris

After you download, verify that the MD5 checksum (md5sum) is correct (and please report any inconsistencies immediately):

Package name                            md5sum
============                            ================================
pYsearch-3.1-1.fc8.noarch.rpm           eb60ec8bcfb544dd9bcee916a7346ce5
pYsearch-3.1-1.fc9.noarch.rpm           1631cf13ecc47a2c04ce58d4a9181d83
pYsearch-3.1-1.rhel4.noarch.rpm         6b49ba9095f7ed81ae61763c058ca754
pYsearch-3.1-1.rhel5.noarch.rpm         e8a0e54035692121c3de3c1c0e44277e
pYsearch-3.1-1.ubuntu8_all.deb          4e01929f9a92742d304bb5eb3d3e63a6
pYsearch.3.1.opensolaris.pkg.tgz        85c3bfbbe628f9c8519fef6c4dbf6542