Web site updates

We're back! (well, kind of ...)

As you might have noticed, the site has been down (or having issues) today. This was due to changes made on the Sourceforge site, where they've upgraded a lot of servers and software. I managed to get the old site back up again, but since I was fiddling with so much anyways, I decided it was time to push the new site.

So, here it is, probably still a bit shaky, so I'd like to apologize for any inconvenience in advance. If you experience any problems, definitely let us know (file a bug on the Bugs tracker please). I am aware that the mySQL servers at SourceForge are pretty unstable, and every now and then I get an error that we can't contact the DB servers. I'm hoping this will be resolved soon, but there's nothing I can do about it...

Update: I finally figured out the problem with the blank pages (Error 500), turns out to be a missing PHP file... And the DBs seems to be having a better day, maybe because it's a Saturday.


-- leif