pYsearch v3.0 released

Finally! pYsearch v3.0 is finished, and now available for download. This is a massive update, primarily focusing on extending the APIs to be comprehensive. This release supports most of the services and features of the latest Yahoo Search APIs.

There are also numerous bug fixes and other improvements, including better error handling around transient HTTP failures. So please download and upgrade to this latest version, and report any bugs to me.


-- Leif

From the release notes:

[02/27/07] pYsearch v3.0

  • Added support for region parameter in Web search.
  • Updates to documentation (missing new services).
  • Added support for PHP and JSON responses.
  • Updated all web services with latest parameters.
  • Updated to support all Search services.

pYsearch 2.0 released

It's been a while, but I finally got all the bits together, and finished pYsearch v2.0. This is a pretty significant rewrite, I decided to refactor the modules to better cope with the ever expanding arsenal of search APIs. This should make it easier to use, easier to maintain, and probably slightly faster to load (unless you use the factory classes).

From the release notes:

10/27/05 pYsearch v2.0

  • Added support for MyWeb2, Audio and Site Explorer.
  • Major refactoring of all classes/modules.
  • Updated with all changes to Search APIs, parameters etc.
  • Improved documentation and examples.
  • Plenty of bugfixes.... I mean, improvements.

Please report any bugs, problems, feature requests etc. on the message boards and bug tracker. I'll most likely end up doing a point release fairly soon, depending on how many bugs etc. are discovered.

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