Should pYsearch support BOSS?

This is a question for anyone using pYsearch (I hope there is some usage?), and/or users of Y! BOSS: Should we include BOSS in pYsearch? Please comment here, or email me with your thoughts.

Audio search is discontinued

I've been told the Audio search APIs from Y! search are discontinued. The next release of pYsearch will therefore remove support for these APIs. This was in response to our "bug" about audio search returning invalid XML responses, so I'll go ahead and close that SF bug as well.

Current issues with the APIs

I've got a few reports on issues with pYsearch, and there are currently two known issues, both which are because of the search APIs.

  • Some search responses, particularly from Spelling Suggestions, can include "raw" ampersand characters (&). This is not valid XML (the ampersand should be using a character entity representation), so our DOM parser croaks. I've had a bug outstanding with Y! search on this for a long time now.
  • The Audio search regresion test fails, because some searches can return a "length" of 0.0 seconds, when the documentation clearly says it'll always return an integer. I have a bug outstanding on this as well.

As it turns out, our unit tests have found several problems with the APIs in the past, and it continues to do so. However, I hope to make the test suite even more complete, if anyone wish to contribute here, that'd be great.

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